A visibly brighter diamond.
More Brilliant. More Beautiful.

No diamond has ever been cut like this before

Traditional cutting techniques like the regular 57 facet diamond, were developed using two dimensional technology. The 73 facet Aurora diamond was designed exclusively using proprietary three dimensional beam-tracing software to maximise light performance, producing a visibly and measurably more beautiful diamond.

A diamond’s value, prestige and rarity is defined by the 4Cs. Colour, Clarity, Carat and Cut. However the easiet to see of these Cs is the cut, and that’s why the Aurora Diamond is a major breakthrough.

Round Brilliant


More Beautiful

Every Aurora Diamond is guaranteed to be brighter. How? Aurora’s unique 73 facets simply means more light, more reflections, more sparkle and is more beautiful. This is called the ‘return of light’ and can be measured four ways.

The intense white light that radiates from the diamond.

Vivid flashes of colors as the light bends inside the diamond.

Dramatic pin-points of light that flash as a diamond moves.

Light Symmetry
The even distribution of light from within the diamond.

Round Brilliant


When light enters and leaves a diamond, the essential character and beauty of the diamond is revealed.

More Brilliant

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to the Aurora Diamond, we can scientifically prove it. 

Every Aurora Diamond 0.40cts and larger is independently certified to be visibly brighter. Each includes light-performance certification from Sarine Technologies or International Gemmological Institute (IGI). 

Sarine and IGI are world leaders in advanced diamond grading, light measurement and imaging systems for diamonds. Diamonds are graded on four criteria: Brilliance, Fire, Brightness/Sparkle and Optical Symmetry, giving a total grade. 

All Aurora Diamonds have a minimum total grade of Ultimate 1 from Sarine, or Exceptional from IGI.

Sarine Technologies Rating
All Aurora Diamonds have a minimum total grade of Ultimate 1 from Sarine.

International Gemmological Institute Rating
All Aurora Diamonds certified by IGI have a minimum total grade of Exceptional.

They are also independently certified according to the 4Cs by the International Gemmological Institute (IGI) the largest independent gemmological laboratory worldwide based in Belgium.