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For over 75 years Gardiner Brothers have been synonymous with top quality diamonds, not only this, but supplying them at the lowest prices available.

Why Certified?
When selecting a diamond you want to be sure of what you are buying. Instead of relying on the word of the jeweller, who after all is the one trying to make the sale and tempted to exaggerate the quality of the stone, by choosing a reputably certified diamond, you have an independent report on the diamond you are buying.

Which Certificate? : GIA, IGI or others.
Diamond certificates come in many forms, some are prepared by jeweller themselves, others by the diamond supplier, others by Gemmological Laboratories. Unless the certificate is from one of the three industry recognised laboratories then you may be buying a diamond where the certificate is not recognised within the industry and of no significance. If your diamond is of a significant size and value, then to ensure you are getting what you pay for we strongly advise choosing a reputably certified diamond.

This is why we recommend only GIA, IGI or HRD certified diamonds. These certificates are recognised around the world and the quality of your diamond is then indisputable. GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) would be the foremost of these and the one normally used by Gardiner Brothers.

Comparing Prices : Like for Like?
We fully acknowledge and respect that you will want to obtain the best value when selecting your diamond ring. To ensure that you are doing so, when comparing diamonds you must make sure that you are comparing like for like. To compare a GIA certified diamond against a non-certified diamond or one certified by a different laboratory is unwise and not a valid comparison.

We are happy that you compare our prices against those from the internet or of our competitors, we do this as well and we consistently offer the best priced diamonds, not only this but we back up all our products with Gardiner Brothers service and guarantees.

Which Colour and Clarity to buy?
You can be advised by different jewellers to buy many different qualities of diamonds and for many different reasons. At Gardiner Brothers we recommend Colour G and SI1 clarity (or better) diamonds. This is for very good and deliberate reasons.

Certified Colour G stones are Rare white – there will be no discernable colour and to the naked eye and in normal light conditions appear as white as colour D, E or F graded stones. Stones graded as H or below will exhibit a yellowish tone and not what we would recommend.

Similarly we recommend SI1 clarity stones because they will be clean to the naked eye, SI2 clarity Diamonds and below will have visible marks in them or appear cloudy. Stones graded above SI1 will be cleaner, but this difference will only be visible under high magnification.

By opting for stones of higher grades than Colour G or SI1 clarity, you will normally pay more for a stone that will not look any better to the naked eye. On occasions we will supply or quote for grades higher than G and S1, this is because, due to availability, the best value G/SI1 stone is more expensive than the stone quoted or supplied.

Complete Confidence
The overall look of the diamond will be decided by the culmination of all the different factors and rely on the weakest link in that chain. For example to buy a D colour diamond yet clarity SI2, will mean you are purchasing a very white stone but this will be impaired by the visible marks within the stone. Your diamond is only as good as the weakest quality factor, hence you are better choosing a diamond with all grades relatively high rather than one with a very high grade that will be marred by a poor colour or clarity.

The lesser factors
Cut : we would advise going for “Good” or better, this will ensure a bright sparkling stone.
Polish and Symmetry : Less important than Cut, but again “Good” or better grades should be selected.
Fluorescence : If you have a diamond with Fluorescence graded stronger than “Faint” then under ultraviolet light your diamond will glow, this is not a desirable factor and should be avoided.

Please Note : All diamonds we quote and stock will have a minimum of Good grades for Cut, Polish and Symmetry (unless otherwise stated)

If you are concerned about what quality of diamond to buy then you can call and speak to any of our vastly experienced staff, including our own GIA trained and qualified gemmologist.